This house presents a perfect accommodation for leisure time activities of groups and school-classes. It is equipped for self-catering so that our guests can spend their free time as they like. Apart from the large kitchen there are 2 large day rooms and 1 of the two dormitories on the ground floor. The second dormitory and the 2 rooms for the persons responsible for the group(s) are on the 1. floor. As the house will always be occupied by only 1 group there is no time limit for parties.
It goes without saying that all the rooms have a central heating thus making exciting leisure time programmes possible, even in winter.

2 day rooms of 40m² each; 2 dormitories with 16 and 12 beds; 2 rooms for the persons in charge with 2 and 1 bed; a large and completely equipped kitchen; well-kept sanitary facilities

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