1955 Acquisition of the grounds by the newly founded “Jugendbildungsstätte und Erholungswerk Baden-Württemberg e.V.
1956 Beginning of the construction of Fritz-Lamm-Bildungsstätte (FLB). Today it
provides the kitchen and a dormitory for 16 persons.
1957 The “Waschhaus” – showers, toilets etc. – was built in which Kurth-Roth-
Haus is located.
1962 FLB reached its present size. The institution was given its current name
“Jugenderholung Schwarzwald e.V”.
1963 A wooden house was established serving as a shop and office of the camp- ground. Later it was replaced by the “Versammlungshaus” (assembly house)
1982 After a building period of 18 months the assembly house was completed
and offers more possibilities for activities than the wooden house before.
2007 Kurt-Roth-Haus was finally inaugurated.